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Thank you for searching and narrowing down real people for our team. I don’t think we could be happier with who we shot for the resorts the last part of this year. It’s a big feather in the team's cap for stepping out and letting creative opportunity happen to capture authenticate moments with actual real families.  


I told everyone that at the end of shooting, we need to want to be friends with everyone we shoot, to make the pieces work. 


I think who we shot at each property really reflected our task at hand. 


I thank you for absorbing our challenge and giving us who we shot.  


For any project like this, without talent, we can’t do anything! Thank you. It really means a lot to our business and especially our creative team.


Tom Reid Senior Producer

Tom Reid

Senior Producer - Universal Orlando



Heather and team,

One of my main goals of 2018 was to book a Co Star role on a TV show. Thanks to you and your team I booked David Mans Man as the Woman Church goer. That could not have happened if you and your team didn’t grant me an audition. For that I am extremely grateful. I know you get countless messages but Today, I wanted to celebrate you and you team to say THANK YOU HEATHER and the Heinz Team! You’ve helped me get one step closer to living my dream.  


- Maria Artis

Booked a Co Star Role!



I truly enjoyed working with the Heinz team. From the initial communication, to the on-set coordination, to the post shoot follow up, their level of professionalism is hands down amazing. 

Heather runs a world class team. 

Zahide Wallace!


Hi Heather: I am the Producer for Big Break NFL. I picked the talent for the shoot from Heinz and I couldn’t have asked for a better cast. I am more than thrilled with the the gentlemen that made the final four cast. They were on time. They followed direction beautifully. Craig was awesome, he putted on cue. There wasn't a diva in the bunch. I would love to hire all of them again for separate occasions.


Thank you,

- Karen Wright

Producer for Big Break NFL


I have worked with Heather and HEINZ PRODUCTIONS since her companies inception. Heather is a seasoned professional within the talent & castings markets. Heather and her team are fantastic partners! I have hired them on a variety of projects, from large full scale productions to small one-day assignments. Heather has a tremendous ability to move quickly and provide effective solutions to my casting needs. Her never ending attention to detail and timely manner in providing a seamless casting from 10 to a 1000, HEINZ PRODUCTIONS can work wonders for you.


I would recommend and work with Heather any day.

- Paula Bowers

Manager, Photo & Production Services - Universal Orlando


I appreciate the diligence, professionalism and great attitude that Heather and her team bring to each and every project they run.

Heather always thinks not only on behalf of the clients but on the talents and talent's agent and always offers great rates for all her bookings.

Furthermore, the feedback I have received from my talents who have attended her castings and also from the ones who have booked her jobs have been nothing short of kind treatment, organized and excellent productions.


Sandra Suarez-Fielding





William Wiegman

Heather Heinz and her team managed a very challenging non-traditional casting assignment for me. 


I was producing a series of videos for the US Army and needed to find/film testimonials from 10 Army veterans for an AOL micro-site called "Army Lifelong Success."


The Army provided us with an approved list of hundreds of real-life veterans all over the country and it was Heather's task to contact these veterans, screen them, obtain photos and/or video samples and submit them for client review. 


It was a highly sensitive, time-consuming process – and the result was a huge success as we profiled 10 superb, diverse veterans – and the US Army was enormously pleased with the final videos. 


Big thanks to Heather and her wonderful team!



Producer | StudioNow

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